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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Can We Just Be Honest About The Supreme Court Nominee? Please?

I've had it.

This entire debate about the next nominee (or more probable 2) is laced with an air of intellectual dishonesty.

The Supreme Court is not a body whose sole purpose is to address one issue.

Yet it is clear that the nominee(s) will have a "litmus test," regardless of statements in the media to the contrary.

I am a husband, father, taxpayer, businessman, and I can tell you that in my daily life, I, like most Americans, see many important issues facing this country. Most people care about safety, health, education, transportation, the economy, and their own family and other relationships - yet there is a faction of our society that believes there is only one issue of any significance to the United Supreme Court - abortion.

I have to tell you I give credit to the Family Resource Council, who has come out and clearly stated that they want an anti-abortion nominee. Why is the administration trying to maintain credibility by stating that the nominee will have no "litmus test." This simply is not true.

I respect those on both sides of the debate, but the decision over the next justice or 2, is not one that should be determined by any one issue.

I once heard that justice is easily defined, justice is fairness.

The next nominee(s) should be intelligent, experienced, and be able to issue rulings based on an interpretation of the constitution, while administering the simple concept of fairness, a word I've failed to hear since the retirement of Justice O'Connor.