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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Second Opinion: Martin Lee Anderson Was Murdered

The second autopsy of beaten-to-death Martin Lee Anderson, shows that he did not die of natural causes. As Gomer Pyle used to say "Surprise, surprise, surprise!"

In fact, the confirmation that young Martin didn't die from a, excuse me, "blood disorder," came from........Prosecutors! Sounds like my criminal defense brothers and sisters in the Florida Panhandle should be getting some phone calls real soon.

According to the Associated Press - "A noted pathologist who observed Monday's 12-hour autopsy on behalf of the family said it was clear that Martin Lee Anderson did not die from sickle cell trait, as the medical examiner in Bay County had determined, or any other natural causes."

That noted pathologist was the world famous and former chief of the New York City Medical Examiner's Office Dr. Michael Baden, who opined: "He died because of what you see in the videotape."

I thought that too.....

"I'm just glad the truth is out," said Gina Jones, mother of Martin Lee Anderson.

So the hell am I.

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  1. Anonymous12:11 AM

    can you say coverup!

  2. A monumental tragedy from the beginning. Sorry to you and all other criminal defense attorneys but those guards don't deserve due process.

    This is unspeakable!

  3. I would expect to see manslaughter charges filed against a/some of the guards based on the videotape..also, it is quite the predicament the MEO has placed himself in for all of his pending and future cases...his credibility is absolutely shot...i would not be surprised if his name is absent from autopsy reports in the future...common sense told you how the boy died..

  4. Anonymous4:45 AM

    "Anonymous" here again. I know that no one here wants to hear what I have to say, but I'm going to say it anyways.

    It is impossible to confirm that this boy's death was at the hands of the drill instructors. Atleast not yet. The statement made by Dr. Baden was an opinion. Later in the article Baden said...

    "it will be several weeks before Hillsborough County Medical Examiner Vernard Adams can determine the exact cause of death because tissue samples must be analyzed and other evidence considered."

    This sounds like there is a lot of room for speculation here. So let's just wait for the final test results.

    Tell me Brian, do you really think that Geralyn knew nothing about the whereabouts of Rilya. I find that hard to believe. I really liked what O'Reilly had to say on the matter. That should have been an open and shut case. I understand that this is your profession and passion and I respect that, but does it ever bother you to think that you may keep people on the street unworthy of living? (speaking solely of Geralyn Graham)

  5. Anonymous1:19 PM

    If you want to talk about a cover UP! Where were the parents when this whole thing was going on. Sounds like to me the grandmother should get the money becouse the parents were out of the picture untile the all mighty dollar was brought up, but maybe they will enjoy the bling, bling!

  6. Anonymous10:53 PM

    listen folks, if this had happened at a privite institution where "law enforcement" isn't on the payroll, we wouldn't even be talking about this, 7 folks would be heading for death row. sorry officers, if you do the crime you do the time, no exceptions.

    Was he the poster child for wheaties, NO, is his family the Walton's NO, but the fact remains seven Officers beat an unarmed child to death. If the state wont punish them why shoudn't somebody have to pay for it. If state wants to protect the good ole boys, let them put their money where their mouth is.