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Thursday, July 13, 2006

State's Opening Statement - "His Name is Coors!"

We are just finding out that Pete Coors, President of Coors Beer, was arrested in May for suspicion of drunken driving.

The story is here

So who's got the best defense for, uh, Mr. Coors?

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  1. One possible line of pro-se defense:

    "Your Honor, the bartender assured me the beverage I was consuming was not your typical smooth-drinking Coors Beer(tm), but was an ice-cold, great-tasting, low-carb, low-alcohol Coors Cutter(tm). As you know, "Cutter helps you keep your edge(tm)." That stuff is so delicious, I couldn't honestly tell the difference. In fact, I took the liberty of bringing in a few ice-cold cases for you, the jury, the gallery, and of course for those nice fellas from Court TV -- here, get a good shot of the label, willya? -- I say let's all pop one open and see if we can get the facts of this case to effervesce to the surface, so to speak..."