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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hints You're Not Getting Hired As Criminal Defense Counsel

After practicing in this world of criminal defense for over a decade, I know the typical clues that indicate you are not getting the case. You know them - potential client calls and the first question begins with "how much do you charge," or the client comes to your office and says "money's not a problem (translation: broke).

Here's some new hints and tips I've developed recently:

[1] Never quote a fee on a Friday. By Monday, they'll have a cheaper lawyer.

[2] If you get a call from a relative (cousin, boyfriend, etc), don't spend more than 3 minutes on the phone. Trust me, 4 other people are looking for lawyers for this client.

[3] Always call to confirm the appointment. If you get a voice mail within 2 hours of your appointment, they're not showing up. You can leave your office and go do something else.

[4] Any non-juvenile who claims they need to make the appointment at a time their parent can come, and then shows up without them, is wasting your time. They can't afford you, regardless of what you charge.

[5] Unless it's your family member or best, best, best friend, NEVER show up to court to represent anyone on the promise of future payment, unless you're ok not getting paid.

[6] Potential clients who are having trouble finding your office, do not have the funds to hire you. I don't know the correlation, I just know this to be true.

Any others out there?
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