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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thank You Senator Larry Craig

"I am not gay" Senator Larry Craig, conservative anti-gay rights Republican, of....Idaho? (it just doesn't get worse on the hypocrisy front) has given criminal defense lawyers a 3 word perfect answer to those potential clients who ask one of the most recurring and dumbest questions I hear:

"If I hire a lawyer, won't I look guilty?"

See, Senator Craig was arrested for, ahem, some fancy hand and foot signals in a public restroom in the Minneapolis Airport in June, indicating he wanted sex with who later become known to him as, damn, an undercover cop. Oops.

Craig quietly went in to court pro-se (without a liberal criminal defense lawyer) and pled to a reduced non-sex charge of disorderly conduct.

People are screaming why an innocent man would plea guilty. That makes me laugh, hard. Happens every day folks. He said he "wanted to make it go away," and it did. For a while at least.

Now he says he wasn't guilty, shouldn't have pled guilty and is, hey, hiring a lawyer to withdraw his plea. I don't know the law in Minnesota, but I bet it's too late.

Too late Larry.

So when a potential client asks that ridiculous question about whether "hiring a lawyer makes me look guilty," answer "Remember Senator Craig?"

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