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Friday, September 21, 2007

"Who is OJ Simpson?"

This is what my 8 year old asked repeatedly the other night as I was discussing the case with my wife. After asking a couple times, I looked at her and realized she was born 5 years after the not guilty verdict in the murder case. She wasn't just doing that "I need to know everyone you are talking about" thing that little kids do, she really had never heard of OJ Simpson.

This has nothing to do with what I will write here, it's just an anecdote that puts some things in perspective.

Here's my thoughts on the latest "OJ."

[1] In my legal opinion, looking at the media reports, reading the police report, and having no working knowledge of Nevada law (as do not a one of the "legal experts" pontificating on TV), the case is in a word, stupid.

[2] It's as much an "armed robbery" as a burglary with assault is when an ex-boyfriend is prevented from going into his ex girlfriend's house to "get his shit," and as a result, he pushes her away from blocking the door.

[3] Anyone else, and hotel security would have walked in the room and made everyone leave.

[4] The case has revived the "talking head" market on cable television. I have one question, can they not find a single criminal defense lawyer from Vegas who actually knows the law and procedure there, instead of lawyers from California, New York, Florida, and every other state? Do they not want to hear what "IS" going to happen, instead of playing the guessing game? "Well, I don't know the law in Vegas, but in Tupelo Mississippi, OJ would........."

[5] OJ will not go to jail. The case will fall apart. He will plea to a misdemeanor and be on probation, which he will violate by doing something stupid, for which he will also not go to jail.

[6] The case is only important because the vast majority of people think he got away with murder.

[7] I am one of those people in [6].

[8] Now that OJ is back home (10 minutes from my house), the media will begin their "are we covering OJ too much?" I know this because yesterday's big story was......."who is OJ's girlfriend?"

[9] People are annoyed by the accusation that we are obsessed with celebrity justice, because the truth is that as a society, we just can't help ourselves. What else are we going to pay attention to, health care? Education? All that other stuff? GIVE US MORE OJ!!!!!

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