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Monday, November 05, 2007

Unhappy Criminal Defense Lawyers Get What They Ask For

This morning, one of our courthouse resident complainers was asking me how I handle clients that don't pay after I get them a great result.

I told him that doesn't happen to me. He chuckled until he realized I wasn't kidding.

He couldn't understand how I get paid up front or within 30 days in "tough times" like these.

I told him I insist, and yes, people walk out the door (probably to his office).

Think about it for a minute my colleagues. What would your practice be like if all fees were payable up front, or in a short period of time? What would you do if you never concerned yourself with deadbeat clients, or waiting desperately for the mail or a visit from a client or two with some money?

I know, you'd have less cases.


I know, "you don't understand my clientele."

Yes I do.

We in the criminal defense bar get what we ask for. If we ask for very little, we get very little.

Isn't it time we concentrate on practicing law, instead of begging for money?

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