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Monday, July 21, 2008

My Big Fat Pig Colleagues

So today a potential client calls. Her whole family is arrested in a RICO case. Two family members are represented by one lawyer (something I never do). The third, is my potential client.

Appointment set. Time? After she goes to the other lawyer's office with her two other family members. (Criminal defense lawyers can stop reading here, as they know the end of this story).

At a restaurant, I see the other lawyer having lunch with a former judge. I mention to him that I received a call from the third family member, I know he's going to see the other two, and that I don't want to interfere with his representation, but family member three wants to hire me.

He comments to the judge "oh, we we're just talking about professionalism, how professional of you!" He also mentions that he's spoken to the prosecutor and that "all these cases can be resolved." (Should have been my clue).

Client just called to say she "can't make it." Wants me to call her back.

I do.

"I'm going to go with (other lawyer) because he says there's a plea deal."

Oink Oink my "colleague."

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