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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dear Blake Nordstrom, As Pink Floyd Says "Leave Those Kids Alone"

February 11, 2009

Blake Nordstrom
1700 Seventh Avenue, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98101

Dear Blake:

If you have some intranet-type search feature, type the word "Tannebaum" and "children's shoes," and you'll see that my wife spends quite a great deal of money in your store.

It is with this background, in addition to my own frequent shopping in your store at both Dadeland and Merrick Park in Miami that I write to express serious concern over your efforts to destroy the owners of the trademark “Beckons.”

"Beckons?" Listen, I can't compete with your marketing people, but that doesn't sound as good as "John W. Nordstrom," or "Tommy Bahama," or "Facconable."

You know what happened here, the Patent and Trademark Office made a mistake, kind of like when I have my turn signal on to park in a space and someone doesn't see me and pulls into the space instead. I just go look for another space. Others commit road rage and wind up in a bad place.

Can you think of another name? I don't like what I see here, and I already don't shop at Neiman Marcus. Know why? One of my clients (I'm a criminal defense lawyer) with a little mental problem walked out of there with some shoes. The shoes were recovered immediately, but Neiman's wouldn't agree to let my client go into a diversion program. After that bullying by Neiman's, I stopped shopping there. Haven't shopped there in 5 years, and have told everyone why. I know it's cost Neiman's more than the few bucks the shoes cost. I predict the amount is in the tens of thousands.

So do me a favor, please, these people have spent $70,000 on legal fees fighting your huge corporation. Leave them be, come up with another name, and keep me and my family as customers, please?

Very truly yours,

Brian Tannebaum

Brian Tannebaum is a criminal defense lawyer in Miami, Florida practicing in state and federal court. Read his free ebook The Truth About Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer. To learn more about Brian and his firm, Tannebaum Weiss, please visit www.tannebaumweiss.com


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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Having had the pleasure of being titled "Amalda Marcus" by my dad (God Bless him)in my youngen days, I feel qualified to render an expert opinion on this.

    Why the heck would Nordstrom this?

    For one thing, their shoes have REALLY deteriorated in quality in the last two years. Don't know if it's their new buyers, or the new economy just is not condusive to good looking shoes.

    Secondly, I wouldn't pay for a pair of shoes which is so closely named after a failed Facebook app.

    So Beckons or not, WHY would I, Betty Consumer want to spend my good dollars to pay a store that litigates the little lady competition to it's eternal demise?

    Didn't their PR peeps talk to legal before this fiasco got out?

    Chain, Chain, Chain.

    Mina Sirkin