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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Detective: You Lied To Me

Cops lie.

Now before the comment section fills up, let's be honest: (no pun intended) cops lie. Lawyers lie. Witnesses lie.

We all know.

But today was different. It was different because I caught a detective lying to me not in court, but to my face (well, on the phone).

My mom had surgery today. She's fine. I took the day to be in the hospital with her.

The Detective called my office to schedule a statement. One of my clients agreed to give a statement in case in return for probation in a case where there was a minumum mandatory sentence.

Now granted she called last week when I was on standby for 2 trials and couldn't commit to a date.

Today she calls and is told I am out on a family emergency. Some background: a cop tells me he sneezed 3 days ago and needs to reset his deposition, done. Why, I may need a favor one day.

The email from my receptionist: "she said that two days ago you didn't have a family emergency and that no one has gotten back to her and your client is not going to have a chance to cooperate if you don't get back to her."

So I call her.

"Oh hi Mr. Tannebaum, how are you?"

"I don't know, what message did you leave at my office?"

"To call me when you got back."

"Did you say that two days ago I didn't have a family emergency and that my client is not going to have a chance to cooperate.........?"

"It really doesn't matter."

It deteriorated from there.

I guess for some people that's just how they roll.

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