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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sarah Palin: An Unfairly Treated Woman In Need Of A Makeover

I know, it's not about criminal law, but I just got back from vacation and am fascinated with the hypocrisy surrounding Sarah Palin.

I'll admit, like many others, when I first saw her (and the first time many saw her was when she was nominated VP), I thought "cute." Kill me, but that's what I thought.

Then she opened her mouth.

I have to believe that any 45 year old who ascends to the governorship, of any state, has to be somewhat intelligent.

While she may be "smart," she didn't present herself as qualified to be President. And no, I don't "hate" her because she's a "strong powerful woman." I just think she's not qualified to be President.

The Conservative republican machine has been quick to deter any attention from the fact that Palin is to the naked eye, "cute," but not qualified to be President.

They blame the "liberal media" for focusing on the truth. If the liberal media would just "leave her alone," she would appear qualified.

If the liberal media would stop commenting on her looks, the way she talks, or the fact that she really doesn't know anything about the world outside of criticizing the current administration or anything "democrat."

I understand the partisan game. The purpose of each party is to show the public that the other party is worthless, anti-everything the other party is for, wrong, and going to kill us all.

What I don't understand, is this column today by Cal Thomas. No liberal is he.

Thomas says that Palin was "treated unfairly and in ways that no liberal woman would have been..."

He then says that "anyone running for national office must traverse a media gauntlet -- with the notable exception of Barack Obama and his worshipful media disciples. While Conservatives can expect worse treatment than liberals, they can prevail with the right strategy."


But Cal,the strategy you speak of is as follows:

"If Palin is to have a future in national politics (assuming she wants one) there are several steps she must take.

"First, she needs a complete makeover. The big media will never admit they were wrong in their judgments, but they might write stories about the ``new Sarah Palin.''

She should hit the books and learn as much as she can about the modern world, history and court cases. She should read newspapers so that when future interviewers hit her with questions, she can dazzle them like a Jeopardy champion."

"Palin should hire a speech coach and follow that person's advice. She has a pleasant enough speaking voice, but the tone needs to be adjusted, as do her word choices."

"Lastly, she needs a hair, makeup and wardrobe makeover. She is a beautiful woman, but appearance should not be the first thing one reacts to when people look at her."

He concludes with this: "Sarah Palin can be 'born again' in a political sense and excite beyond her base if she allows herself to be 'baked' (ha ha, good one Cal, baked.....Alaska....) at the proper temperature and for the right amount of time."

So let me understand.

We have treated Palin unfairly. We have focused too much on how she looks, how she talks, and what she doesn't read? The solution is not to find a better candidate, but to prop Palin up with a makeover, speech classes, and reading advice?

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