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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Criminal Defense Lawyer's Thanksgiving - 2009 Edition

This has become a little tradition here at my humble blog. Here's 2008,2007, and 2006.

In 2009, this criminal defense lawyer is thankful for:

[1] Prosecutors that don't spend their time crafting interesting prosecutions based on statutes that were never intended to be used in "that" way.

[2] Judges who say "I remember standing where you are," and actually do.

[3] Judicial assistants who don't believe being rude to my office staff is part of their job description.

[4] Bailiffs who know how to keep order without telling everyone to shut up every 2 minutes and making every lawyer feel they are about to go to jail if they don't "shut up" as well.

[5] Secretaries at prosecutor's offices who don't act like my phone call to the prosecutor may be a terrorist act. "No really, we're actually friends." "It's about a case, that he's prosecuting." Pick one.

[6] Clients who don't pretend they're calling on Monday morning for any reason other then to remind me they're my client. (There are none).

[7] Clients who wait 'till Tuesday to call for a case update. (There are few).

[8] Fellow defense lawyers who don't tell a potential client that they've "never heard of" a certain defense lawyer, even though they have. (There are some).

[9] Clerks who don't act like just the mere notion that I would think of speaking to them is a blight on their otherwise miserable day.

[10] Reporters who don't walk out of court and ask "so, what just happened in there." (I know one).

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