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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Shooting at Vegas Federal Courthouse Pisses Me Off

I have to tell you that I take for granted the security in federal court. I never think twice about someone coming in with a gun, mainly because my keys and blackberry get a nice pat down upon entrance, and the scanner beeps when the only thing I have on me is my shirt and pants. Must be the tie.

This haunting video, is not really a video, but the sound of a day in court when some angry litigant, angry over the dismissal of his social security case, decides to get his own form of sick justice. This was yesterday, in Las Vegas Federal Court.

Today at every federal courthouse security will be a little tighter. People will get a second look, maybe a third. There is no correlation between what happened in Las Vegas yesterday and federal court anywhere else. People get angry at the grocery store, at the post office, and at work. But it's like when someone with a shoe bomb tries to blow up a plane, well, you know the rest.

We (those who go to court) all have to deal with what happened yesterday. It will happen again, we all know that. But because we cannot stop a sick, angry litigant from sneaking in with a gun, a shotgun, we have to at least pretend we can. The gunman was dressed in black. Watch "no black" be the next addition to the dress code. We can only sigh and understand that this is the world in which we live.

It angers me that today I have to mourn the death of a Court Security Officer, a retired cop now one of the guys in blue jackets that waive familiar lawyers through, and say "how you doin' today counsel?" A guy who just "went to work" right after the new year, and left the courthouse dead. Five seconds before he was probably talking to a prosecutor, defense lawyer, or fellow security officer about his New Year's vacation, or the weekend's football games.

Pisses me off.

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