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Friday, July 08, 2011

Casey Anthony: Epilogue

This will be it, nothing more to write.

Four years for four misdemeanor counts of lying to police? The proper sentence, in this case (assuming the double jeopardy argument doesn't apply to the four counts for one long interview). I don't know Judge Perry well, but what I do know about him tells me that he didn't give Casey Anthony four years because she was acquitted, he gave her four years because he thought she deserved four years.

Caylee's law? Go ahead, change the law, make yourself happy. Make it a felony. Question though: If Casey Anthony was convicted and sentenced to death plus four years for lying, would anyone care? Would anyone notice?

Caylee's law isn't about Caylee, it's about Casey.

Casey Anthony will have a miserable life. Stalked everywhere, turned away from most places, yelled at, screamed at, and have things thrown at her. I know you don't care, I'm just making a statement (since you all care so much about Amendment One, and none of the others).

Jose Baez, he won a case most lawyers will never try. He did it after only being a lawyer a few years. You're envious, jealous, angry, hateful.

He doesn't care.

He won, regardless of what you think.

For the lawyers and former judges on TV saying the jury "didn't understand reasonable doubt?" You disgust me.

To all those asking what I think of the verdict? I think a jury of 12 people agreed the state didn't prove the case, and when 12 people can read instructions and evaluate evidence and come to a unanimous decision, I am happy that the Constitution is still a part of our system, no matter how many politicians and self hating lawyers try to tear it down.

I'm sorry a little girl is dead. I have two myself.

But I never want the Constitution and our criminal justice system to take a back seat to those who believe the burden of proof is just a technicality.

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