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Friday, April 14, 2006

Duke Rape Case - The Circus Has Come To Durham

The now public three-ring-circus, former serious rape investigation against players from the Duke Lacrosse Team, is a lesson in, well, just a lot of things not to do.

For example, when defense attorneys like myself are exclaiming my client's innocence, you, Mr. District Attorney, Mr. Mike Nifong up-for-election-in-a-tough-race-for-your-job, should not be saying anything until......let's say the DNA results come back and you've heard all the police dispatch tapes from the night of the alleged incident.

DNA in this case? (hear the Jeopardy buzzer that sounds when time is up.) "Sorry Mike, the answer is "what is - it doesn't exist? Thanks for playing.

And we're learning so much more. There's a nice op-ed piece on Yahoo! News about the unraveling of the whole case. Sports Illustrated.com also has a story about all the inconsistent pieces of evidence now being brought to light.

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