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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Immigration Is The New Abortion

No, I don't mean that ending a pregnancy under the question of when does life begin is the same as debating whether to allow illegal aliens to stay in the United States, but I do believe that the debate is equally dividing the country.

And the solution is the same - there is none.

Congress has an idea though - House Resolution 4437 would make it a felony to be in the country illegally or to help an undocumented person stay here.

That's what the government does when they have a problem - make it a crime to be part of the problem, or to assist in the problem. Congress' solution is short term, criminalize the issue.

There is another solution, but it is as complicated as the debate. The solution is to tighten our borders, and figure out a way to deal with the people who are already here. America needs to continue to have open arms, but as we frequently say, "I only have two hands." We can't handle all these people. We just can't.

Time Magazine devotes it's cover story this week to what they refer to as the "Immigration Divide"

But the world watching us kick out millions of illegal aliens is not good press, or a good practice.

Neither is finding another reason to put people in prison. Isn't there ever another solution?

You have one, or two?

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  1. I know what the solution should not be. It should not mean clogging our justice system by further criminalizing people coming here to try and make a better life for themselves and, more importantly, their families. It would be prohibitively expensive to take such a tact, while providing little in benefits.

    This is a supply and demand problem. Fewer people will abandon their families to sneak across the border once wages in Central/South America rise. That (and lowering wages here) is the solution. Of course, that will only occur over the long term, so we should simply continue to assimilate other Americans to grow our country with the fresh blood needed to keep it going. After all, who else is going to support the baby boomers who are those now bleating about the drain on our society by immigrants? It will be the immigrants who keep our country going strong, not the children and grandchildren of boomers.