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Saturday, November 15, 2008

This Week Is "Get To Know A Fellow Blogger Week," Or So Says Houston's Mark Bennett

One of my favorite bloggers is Houston's Mark Bennett. What makes Mark's blog great is that he doesn't just post news about criminal law, he brings himself into the blog with his brutally honest opinions and analysis of the most interesting parts of our system.

Mark is also not beyond competing with Hallmark for creating his own holidays or "weeks" as I see from him declaring next week "Meet a Fellow Blogger Week."

(Is there a card for this Mark?)

So he goes on to list some bloggers that you may want to oh my, pick up the phone and call?????? Blasphemy!

Here's the link to the post, and here's some other bloggers with which you may want to have a real conversation.

Ft. Worth's Shawn Matlock

Glen Graham's Tulsa Criminal Defense

Grey Tesh's Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer Blog

John H. Bryan's West Virginia Criminal Law Blog

I recommend it.

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