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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

17 Great Things About Being A Criminal Defense Lawyer In 2009

[1] We won’t be announcing layoffs in our real estate division.

[2] We won’t be moving attorneys into other “profitable” departments.

[3] We still can agree to things without “confirmatory letters.”

[4] We won’t have to explain where the tens of millions of dollars in our trust account went.

[5] We get to go to court, not just threaten to.

[6] We don’t have to wonder if we’ll “make partner.”

[7] We celebrate yet another year of not caring about “top 10%” or “law review.”

[8] The hundreds of stories beginning with “BigLaw” won’t be about us.

[9] We’ll have much better answers for “how do you sleep at night?”

[10] We will continue to have “people” that can’t pay, not “clients” that can’t pay. (translation to the humorless among us lawyers: people that can’t pay don’t become criminal defense clients unless by choice)

[11] If someone in comes into our office because they “need to talk” to us, it’ll be good news.

[12] There will still be lawyers, even unemployed lawyers, who “couldn’t do” what we do.

[13] We get to ask: “Civil litigation?” “How do you make money?”

[14] We get to ask: “Estate planning?” “How do you make money?”

[15] We get to ask: “Commercial litigation?” “How do you make money?”

[16] We are much better prepared to tell others that “things are slow.”

[17] We are just much more fun than tax lawyers.

And finally,

[17] We’re necessary.

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