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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

17 Great Things About Being A Criminal Defense Lawyer In 2009

[1] We won’t be announcing layoffs in our real estate division.

[2] We won’t be moving attorneys into other “profitable” departments.

[3] We still can agree to things without “confirmatory letters.”

[4] We won’t have to explain where the tens of millions of dollars in our trust account went.

[5] We get to go to court, not just threaten to.

[6] We don’t have to wonder if we’ll “make partner.”

[7] We celebrate yet another year of not caring about “top 10%” or “law review.”

[8] The hundreds of stories beginning with “BigLaw” won’t be about us.

[9] We’ll have much better answers for “how do you sleep at night?”

[10] We will continue to have “people” that can’t pay, not “clients” that can’t pay. (translation to the humorless among us lawyers: people that can’t pay don’t become criminal defense clients unless by choice)

[11] If someone in comes into our office because they “need to talk” to us, it’ll be good news.

[12] There will still be lawyers, even unemployed lawyers, who “couldn’t do” what we do.

[13] We get to ask: “Civil litigation?” “How do you make money?”

[14] We get to ask: “Estate planning?” “How do you make money?”

[15] We get to ask: “Commercial litigation?” “How do you make money?”

[16] We are much better prepared to tell others that “things are slow.”

[17] We are just much more fun than tax lawyers.

And finally,

[17] We’re necessary.

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  1. 18. We still don't have to keep time sheets.

    19. We still have up-front, flat, non-refundable fees.

    20. We still love what we do.c

  2. 21. If we lose we don't go to jail. ??

    Love your blog and really enjoyed your book. Now how do we get them to read it?

  3. This is absolutely hilarious and informative! Even though it's in the other corner of the country, there are San Diego criminal defense attorneys just like you that share many views.

  4. Agree with Grey - upfront, non-refundable fees!

    and also

    22. Our jobs are exciting and always changing.