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Monday, December 29, 2008

Teaching The Jacksonville Politics Blog To Say Please or Thank You

UPDATE: They apologized

I noticed over the past couple days that someone was visiting my blog from the Jacksonville Politics Blog. Thought it was nice, always enjoy new visitors. I presumed it had something to do with my mention of the political scene in the Jacksonville State Attorney and Public Defender's Office.

Then I notice the Jacksonville Politics Blog wrote this post with this poll:

Will you attend Matt Shirk's Love Fest?

Yeah, I'm scared not to go. Got bills to pay.

$##%%#$ No!

Twisting in the wind right now, maybe!

Matt Shirk is my idol. I'll break down the door.

Kinda looks like the poll on the top right. --------->

So, Jacksonville Politics Blog, here's the rules of the blogosphere:

[1] Reprint all you want.

[2] Ask to reprint if you wish, but at least attribute your welcome theft to the original author.

[3] The translation of Rule #2 is: "say please or thank you."

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