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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Gloria Allred, Famous Criminal Defense Lawyer

So here I am, taking a few weeks (blasphemy!) off from blogging, and the race to the bottom of the internet just gets more and more ridiculous.

Anyone who hosts a blog gets these occasional annoying (solicitations) emails:

Hi Brian,

I recently discovered your blog, and I have become a frequent reader. I recently published an article “10 Famous Defense Attorneys” that dovetails well with your audience. Perhaps you would be interested in sharing with them? Here's the link to the article if you would like to take a quick look for yourself:( http://www.criminaljusticedegreesguide.com/features/10-famous-defense-attorneys.html).

Thanks again for the great content, and I hope the article I've linked primes your interest.

Yes, it "primes" my interest.

Specifically, this "primes" my interest:

4. Gloria Allred

Known for taking mainly high-profile and mostly controversial cases, Gloria Allred is a famous attorney, who frequently makes her rounds on TV. Allred has famously represented Amber Frey, the key witness in the murder trial against Scott Peterson and several of Tiger Wood’s alleged mistresses in the media whirlwind that followed the public lineup of the pro golfer’s infidelities. Allred became well known in the late 70′s, after successfully representing a woman in a lawsuit against an all male club in Beverly Hills for denying the women’s application solely based on her sex.

Welcome to the criminal defense bar Gloria.

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  1. Pauline4:00 PM

    Man, so I've basically been wasting my time trying to crack into criminal defense via people actually facing criminal charges. I should just start finding mistresses. And talking to the media about it.

  2. I got the same email. (Yes, you don't have to be a lawyer to get blawg spam.) The utter vacuousness of the topic kind of blew my mind, and I only skimmed the biographies.

    Does Allred comment on criminal cases? By this list's standards, that's probably enough...

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