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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Florida Governor Bush Says "Sorry" To Innocent Man

Wilton Dedge, once a convicted felon who served 22 years in prison, is today a millionaire, twice over.

He could give a crap.

He was innocent. The Florida Legislature honored his wrongful conviction by writing him a check for 2 million dollars, and today he received a personal visit from Florida Governor Jeb Bush, with an apology. The story is here

He still wants an apology from the prosecutors who convicted him, and publicly stated that although the Governor apologized, it wasn't his fault.

The Governor knew that, and he also knew he didn't have to apologize personally. in writing, or at all.

But this conservative republican governor who is no fan of criminal defendants, and routinely signs bills making sentences tougher and prosecutors jobs easier, believed he, as the steward of the State of Florida, should personally apologize.

Nice Going Jeb.

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