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Monday, March 26, 2007

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Goes On Vacation

I know, the headline makes the defense bar laugh.

No, not a long weekend, leaving on a Thursday afternoon, hoping to G-d that the world doesn't explode on Friday, I'm talking about a real, 10 day vacation.


But what if a new case comes in? They can hire someone else.

What if it's a big case? They'll wait.

What about the clients? They're getting a letter or e-mail explaining that their lawyer is going on vacation, from them, and their case. They should take one too.

So to the county court prosecutor that objected to my request for a continuance on a DUI case I say, well nothing yet, the case is still pending. To the federal prosecutor that agreed to my continuance on a trafficking in heroin case where there is a 5-year minimum mandatory sentence, and to the federal judge who granted it without a hearing, I say thank you.

To all my brethren out there, I say, buy some tickets, rent a car, get the hell out of town for a while.

Why not?

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  1. You know what they say: "What comes around goes around". Even Justin Timberlake knows it. Over the years many have disregarded the rule of "professional courtesy". Of those "many", 99% of them have asked for a continuance or "favor" at some time or another - and a memory is a beautiful thing to waste.