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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Dear Paris,

Paris, actually, I should call you Ms. Hilton, as I don't know you personally.

I'm sorry you have to go to jail for 45 days. Jail sucks, it will suck for you more, as you've probably not had to stay overnight in a musty motel off some expressway for a night on your way somewhere, ever. My advice to you is probably the same as your lawyer's - keep to yourself, and lose the attitude. They will screw with you daily, just keep it together.

Speaking of your lawyer, he's a good lawyer Mr. Weitzman, been around a long time. I trust he didn't tell you to take the stand and blame your "handlers" for "letting you" get "caught" behind the wheel. I trust he also didn't tell you to say that you are a "very busy person," in response to why you didn't really understand that WHEN YOUR LICENSE IS SUSPENDED, YOU CANNOT DRIVE.

I bet he advised you to take the stand and just apologize and beg for mercy from the judge. Did you say "I'm sorry?" Maybe you did, I didn't see the transcript.

I just hope you now know that when you are a criminal defendant in criminal court, charged with not obeying a court order, you sometimes have to just take responsibility.

Responsibility is...... nevermind.

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  1. Brian, you may be right that she should've said sorry. But 45 days? Come on, that's just silly. She's being punished for being Paris Hilton. Jail should be reserved for the worst in our society -- violent offenders, career criminals, and so on. Community service for her would have been much more appropriate.

  2. I never said I agree with the sentence. I will say though that the average sentence for a first violation of drivers license suspension for a DUI is 30 days. She got a reckless, but with an alcohol level of .08.