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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Please don't call me if.....

[1] You want to get someone transferred to another prison within the state.

[2] You are a boyfriend/girlfriend of an inmate who has been convicted.

[3] Your first question is going to be whether I "do pro bono."

[4] You are unhappy with your second lawyer.

[5] You want to sue the police because they were rude to you or the handcuffs were too tight.

[6] You've been issued a "no trespass" warning and you want to....."trespass."

[7] You're the guy's brother.

[8] You are set for trial tomorrow and want to know if "it's a good plea offer."

[9] Your wife, girlfriend, or both threatened to call the cops, but you just want to "talk" to me.

[10] The only problem you will have in retaining a lawyer, is, well.... the money.

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