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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is? Does Anyone Really Care?

What a perfect end to the day today. I called a judge's assistant to ask about his procedure at arraignments. "Don't know, she said. "I've only been here 4 months."

The day began with 2 detectives at my client's door. They had a pick-up order for him. Said he failed to appear in court at his trial. Problem was I was at his trial, the prosecutor told me she was dismissing the case, and the judge told me I and my client could leave. After I left, the prosecutor forgot to announce the dismissal, the judge forgot he told me I could leave, and issued the arrest warrant for my client. After I begged and convinced the detectives not to take my client to jail, I went to court and listened to a new prosecutor tell me "I don't know why you would have been told the case would be dismissed." Two hours later a senior prosecutor found notes from the other prosecutor reflecting that the case was to be dismissed.

A few weeks ago I was on vacation and sent another lawyer to court to accept a diversionary program for my client. I didn't give him the emails and faxes evidencing that I had already accepted the diversion program, because I didn't expect the "other" prosecutor in court to deny that I ever accepted diversion and seek an arrest warrant for my client.

And this is the last few weeks.

Is it summer, laziness, little of both, or a trend?

I'll tell you what, it's pretty damn annoying. I never want to have a practice like civil lawyers where nothing is based on anyone's word, rather "confirmatory letters," but I'll tell you what, it looks like we may be headed that way.


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