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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Obligatory OJ Post

So OJ was found guilty in Vegas. Here's the video.

He was found guilty of all 12 counts, and some additional counts not mentioned, like the counts for killing 2 people, not paying the civil judgement, playing golf while looking for the "real killers," and generally for being OJ post acquittal.

Although I trust the jury looked at the evidence and selected their verdict based on the law and the jury instructions, my overall opinion is that the case was complete bullshit.

I know, he "broke into" that hotel room, "kidnapped" the thieves who stole his memorabilia, there were guns, but the case was a load of crap. If it wasn't OJ in that room, the cops would have told everyone to leave and go find something else to do.

So now OJ's going to prison, but not really for this Vegas garbage.

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