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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

How Not To Respond To A Criminal Defense Lawyer When He Doesn't Hire You

Colleague sent me this e-mail he received in response to him rejecting a candidate for his firm:

"That was the biggest mistake you ever made......ur hiring a law clerk and u were fortunate enough to find a licensed attorney with the academic credentials i have to interview for it. You'll come to regret that decision when the candidate you selected falls on their face or leaves you hanging and u will especially regret it when i go to te state attorney's office and whip you guys in court every time i come up against you. Good luck to u and ur second rate, pitiful little firm."

Any advice for junior?

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  1. Depends. How close is Junior to having his name spread across the practical blawgosphere in connection with this amateurish email?

  2. Send the guy a copy of Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People." Surreptitiously insert a $5 bill at page 10 (the passage that discusses how President Lincoln handled a disappointment with General Meade in the Civil War.) Attach a note to the front: Got your letter. I have to assume by now you regret sending it. Sorry the position wasn't a good fit for you. Suggest you read this and remember we all work in the same professional community.

    See you in court, counselor.
    You may well argue that such an action is a waste of time -- but right now you've got a young member of the profession who believes this is the way to interact with other members of your community. If you don't try to set him straight, who is going to?