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Monday, June 01, 2009

Being Pro-Life, And Pro-Death


I know, I shouldn't write about abortion.

Abortion is not something we debate, its something we accuse others of supporting, or trying to prevent women from obtaining legally. Abortion is something that intelligent people refuse to debate, and wack-jobs kill people over.

Killing doctors who perform abortions is nothing new. But the advent of 24/7 conversation via the internet causes the news, the reaction, and the incendiary hypocrocrits to be heard all in one.

There are two types of "pro-life" schools of thought: Those that think there is only one pro-life school of thought, and those that make exceptions. The former have no use for the latter, but the former have some explaining to do post-assassination of Dr. Tiller this weekend in church.

If you are pro-life, you do not believe in killing an unborn child. I'm not going to get into the debate here about whether a fetus is a human being, I'll assume for purpose of establishing hypocrisy, that it is.

Hypocrisy, being pro-life, and pro assassination of a doctor who is performing legal abortions.

Thou Shall Not Kill?

Or "Thou Shall Not Kill Those That I Believe Should Not Be Killed?"

I know, true pro-lifers believe he was a "mass murderer." But he wasn't, because for whatever you believe about what Dr. Tiller did for a living, and are at least a wee bit knowledgeable when it comes to law, it was not illegal.

Case in point, did any pro-lifers call the police anytime they heard Dr. Tiller performed an abortion?

But they believe that someone who does something legal, yet against religious and moral beliefs, is properly assassinated in church on a Sunday.

Those who believe it was OK to blow Dr. Tiller away last Sunday are good at throwing darts, but generally won't engage in a debate. I've read some comments from those "no one should be crying over Dr. Tiller's death," people, responded with a question, and received no answer.

Maybe the solution for these supporters of murder can try to get an asterisk after Thou Shall Not Kill*

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  1. I generally agree with you, and am surprised to see you engage in over generalization. All pro lifer do support the murder of Dr. Tiller - My guess is most would like to get their hands on Roeder and lynch him. In one day he undid all the good that has been done over the years - because a lot of people jump to the same conclusion you are. Unfortunately the media feeds that, probably in part because those people are the first to get before the camera.

    I do agree with you on consistency though. I still cannot understand how you can be pro-life and support the death. They are mutually exclusive - especially if you believe all life is sacred.

    As for those who think this was justified, I couldn't agree with you. I just don't think there are that many who hold that position.

  2. Another verse that people should keep in mind is "Judge not lest ye be judged."

    Malcolm X once said that an eye for an eye just leaves everyone blind.

    If you don't like what the doctor was doing, protest at his clinic, write letters to the editor, blog about it, write an op-ed piece, call your congressman.

    Violence is the last resort of the irrational actor.

  3. Anonymous6:03 PM

    You're a putz and your taste in wine really sucks.

  4. I believe you can support an innocent unborn child's right to live and still be in favor for the death penalty. I'm not saying the Dr. Tiller's murder was justified...it was not.

    But you can't generalize and call a behavior right just because it is legal. I believe the majority of Hitler's atrocities were technically "legal" when in fact they were abominations. Only when man's laws are in tune with God's law is someone's activity right. What Dr. Tiller did was blatently disregard the will of God, and sadly he'll be judged for it.

  5. Abortion is a very sensitive issue..

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  6. Anonymous2:43 AM

    um, actually gandhi was the one that said an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. malcolm x actually advocated violence....go look it up.
    but that's beside the point.
    i agree that killing the doctor wasn't necessarily the smartest idea. don't believe that the killer's views were shared by all pro-lifers. sure, less babies will die but as you pointed out, it's hypocritical and sends a wrong message. however, i don't know why dr. tiller bothered going to church when he performed so many abortions. it would have been better to let him live because i don't think he's too happy with where he is now...that is, if you believe in heaven and hell