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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Releasing Prisoners, Fear Mongering, The Predictable Public

As soon as I saw the headline for this story this morning: "Up To 10,000 Illinois Prisoners May Be Released"

I dead-bang predicted word for word the tone of the story.

1. There would be mention that this is due to the depression (I know some call it a recession).

"Up to 10,000 convicted criminals could soon be released early from prisons across Illinois. It's all because of the state's budget mess"

2. The prisoners are all non-violent inmates but the writer will make some crack that questions this premise:

"The state's making a list of thousands of so-called non-violent inmates..."

3. The words "public safety" would be included to begin the fear mongering:

Rep. Jim Durkin. "Public safety? Not the place to cut. That is the last place you should cut the budget is public safety. The greatest responsibility of the governor and the legislature is to keep the citizens safe. And I don't agree with this approach."

Good job Jim, three times.

4. Oh, and Jim used to put people in prison and thinks that at least some of them actually belong there:

"I threw a lot of those guys in prison back in the '90s, and they probably, a number of them, belong there."

5. The public would be hyperventilating:

"Oh, my God. I don't agree with that at all," one woman said."


6. Another member of the public would make an absolutely brilliant statement:
"I don't like that at all," a woman said. "You know, because I think people have been placed there for a reason."

You know, yeah.

7. The inmates would have little time left, making it irrelevant whether they served another few months:

"with less than one year left to serve...."

8. The fear mongering article would claim that the proposal is being done just for the putpose of.....fear mongering:

"What it's being done for is to try, through fear-mongering, cause people to support an income tax increase," said Bob Schillerstrom, Candidate for Governor. It's the wrong thing to do."

I agree, Bob.

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