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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Senator Grassley Slams DOJ's Medical Grass Policy

It's typical in this country to say we're fighting 2 wars - Iraq and Afghanistan. We're actually fighting dozens of "wars." Today I heard someone speaking so passionately about the increase in violence against women that she actually said we are "losing the war on women" in this country. I'm sure that's not what she meant. Maybe she did.

So we have this war on drugs. Depending on who you talk to, we're winning, or miserably failing. Most people in the criminal justice system, conservatives and liberals, think we're wasting our time on the wrong people.

So DOJ decides to prioritize the war on drugs. Imagine that. It is decided that prosecuting the medical marijuana crowd (those who prescribe and use marijuana where it is legal for medical purposes) will no longer be a priority.

It's a step in the right direction.

Unless you're Senator Charles Grassley.

He's from, well, Iowa. Here's his website with a good picture of Iowa

Here's his talking points (targeted at complete morons who are led to believe that marijuana is the beginning of terrorism) “I think that marijuana is a gateway to harder drug use,” Grassley said. “Medical marijuana brings a certain amount of legitimacy to an illegal drug, even though it attempts to do it in a legal way. We have a federal law that is intended to outlaw its use. That federal law ought to be enforced. It was enforced in the previous administration and I think having a national program against drug use is very, very important.”

Yes, even a national program against legal drug use for people who legally use drugs to kill pain because legitimate doctors believe it is good for them.

Grassley said that while some of the people who produce and distribute marijuana may be law-abiding citizens in the eyes of their state, people should not forget that “most of the marijuana that flows into the United States comes from the drug lords.”

Funny, I hear about a lot of it being grown here.

Senator Grassley, enough. In order to "win" the war on drugs, we need to target importers and high-level dealers.

Even your constituents don't think that arresting people who are writhing in pain and about to die is of any use.

Now let's move on.

Go oppose some other new idea that may change the focus of law enforcement for the better.

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