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Monday, July 26, 2010

Is The Blogosphere Getting Too Personal?

There's been a recent shift in the blogosphere. From a place where we find way too much robotic marketing and self-promotion dressed as blog posts, now comes a slew of deeply personal posts from some well respected writers, and all very recently.

CBS's Andrew Cohen, one of the best journalists around for political news, writes about the love of his life marrying, someone else.

Fresno Criminal Defense Lawyer Rick Horowitz thinks the criminal justice system is broken and is thinking of taking down his blogs.

Another criminal defense lawyer, Norm Pattis, isn't sure he wants to come back from vacation (but he will).

These are all pretty personal essays. I wonder if it's a trend, if it's just the summer doldrums, or a trend in the blogosphere.

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  1. A blog is personal - my disclaimer says it's a diary that everyone gets to read. I don't have an issue with the personal-ness of the posts, but the despair is bringing me down, yo.

  2. Only a tiny subset of blogs aim to debate public policy - most by volume are "personal." Perhaps I'm contributing to the trend with an recent off topic post asking for peach recipes, but I don't see it overall as a bad thing. In fact, as a writer it's more difficult to write (well) introspectively than about some external object of transient fascination or scorn.