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Thursday, March 25, 2010

"There was ample evidence that Skinner was the murderer"

That was the ruling of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

"Ample evidence."

But now, after the "liberal goons," as one online commenter put it, got their way, we may know for sure whether Skinner was the murderer.

Lost, entirely lost in this debate over Hank Skinner's execution, is the question of actual innocence. It is lost upon those that ridiculously argue Skinner should be executed now because the victims deserve justice.

The victims do deserve justice. But justice is not going to sleep and knowing the man you think committed the murders has been put to death. Justice is knowing the man put to death, is the murderer.

It is our shame, an American shame that we now have the ability to know for sure whether someone committed a crime, and some fight to prevent the answer from being discovered.

To those that can't see beyond their thirst for vengeance, you are no more American than those who passionately oppose the death penalty. That the argument whether to give Skinner a DNA test rests on whether you support or oppose the death penalty is beyond ridiculous.

If you support the death penalty, and I do not, then you should insist that those put to death, are guilty.

Hank Skinner woke up today because the U.S. Supreme Court has some questions.

Questions that need to be asked. No matter on which side of this debate you reside.

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