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Monday, September 11, 2006


It's not even a date anymore, it's a historical term, like only one other date - July 4th.

The two of course have opposite meanings. One means freedom, and the other, reminds us how fragile our freedom has become.

Fragile, like the sand sculpture my daughters made for me on a recent vacation that was broken in two places by Homeland Security, looking for drugs in the name of terrorism. At least like the good citizen who hits a parked car, they left a note.

Everything is terrorism today, and anti-terrorism. Those fake purse round-ups, are now anti-terrorism efforts. All drug offenses, can be "traced to Bin Laden." ID Theft, terrorism. All financial crimes, fund terrorism.

I support strong anti-terrorism efforts, and I have no problem with searches at airports, or having to show my ID a bit more in this country, but I do wonder if we have our eye on the ball sometimes.

Take a look at this report by TRAC, that details the criminal terrorism enforcement efforts of the United States in the five years since 9/11.

Interesting Stuff.

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