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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dear Anonymous

I would love to respond to you, all of you who choose to remain "Anonymous." But I cannot.

First, there is no reply option to answer your questions. Comments left on the blog can only be replied to by posting another comment on the blog, and I choose not to fill the blog with answers to individual questions.

Second, and more importantly, as you know, I am a criminal defense lawyer. Many of the so called "anonymous" posters are either defense lawyers or prosecutors. In fact, I am able to see the domain names from which the comments come, so I actually know who most of you are, but respect your "perceived" privacy.

I welcome all of your comments. But I will not respond to someone who does not disclose who they are. I do not do this in any forum, as I am sure you do not either.

You are welcome to go to "My Profile" and click the e-mail option. I'd be happy to respond to you individually.

Thank You.

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