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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tragedy: People Starving, Dying, and Most Importantly.....Looting?

You love to say you'll "kill for your family." But would you really? Who knows at this point in time? I now know that there are many who would do anything for their family, except loot.

All these idiots yelling and screaming about the looting after Hurricane Katrina need to take their moral compass and shake it a bit.

Looting is stealing during an emergency, and it is a crime. Whether someone steals a plasma TV, VCR, radio, toilet paper, toothpaste, meat, milk, or baby formula and diapers.

But let's get a grip people, a strong, tight grip on reality.

If I, and my wife and kids are stranded after a natural disaster, I will steal food if I cannot get any. I will steal diapers and milk for my kid and personal items that will keep me clean and sane.

I'd rather be guilty than dead.

I agree that no one in the hurricane ravaged area had any use for a TV, VCR, or other electronic item, but let's understand crime for what it is.

Remember that there is murder, and there is a killing in self-defense. In both scenarios, someone is dead. But we excuse self-defense, so let's excuse looting for food and other essential items.

Now let's move on.

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