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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tom DeLay's "Birdcage"

The movie "Birdcage" is a beautiful depiction of the inherent dislike and discomfort between ultra right-wing conservatives and left-wing liberals. In the movie, Robin Williams plays the homosexual father of a son dating the daughter of an ultra-conservative republican U.S. Senator played by Gene Hackman. At the end of the movie, the Senator dresses up like a woman and dances in a gay club to avoid being spotted by the media, all with the necessary help of his hated homosexual new friend.

Ultra-conservative republican Tom Delay finds himself today, partnered with the type of people ultra-conservative republicans target as "liberal," and "anti-American," (because they defend the constitution and the bill of rights - which sometimes gets in the way of convicting "obviously" guilty defendants).

DeLay hired a criminal defense lawyer, assailed the same criminal justice system he helped to toughen, (If someone can find one vote where DeLay didn't agree with toughening some criminal statute or sentencing guideline - dinner's on me anywhere in Miami) and assailed the prosecutor for having the nerve to seek an indictment.

DeLay is mad, he is lashing out, and he is now living in a system of tough criminal statutes that he most likely supported throughout his career.

I love it!

I don't think DeLay is guilty of a crime, mind you. In the end he will probably be acquitted, and the country will have a great opportunity to see the filth that permeates our political campaigns. What Tom DeLay is accused of doing is taking corporate money and having it find its way to individual candidates to help them win so they could rewrite district boundaries, making it easier for republicans, like DeLay, to stay in power (and toughen already draconian criminal statutes and sentencing guidelines.)

Its kind of like moving the line closer to the basket so the ball can go in easier. It's otherwise known as cheating.

I don't think what he did was criminal, just dirty.

Tom DeLay now has to enter the criminal courthouse, not as a proud observer of the unfair and pro-government anti-defense system he helped create, but as a potential inmate, a criminal defendant.

Tom DeLay has no respect for the courts. He said this Spring "We set up the courts. We can un-set the courts. We have the power of the purse."

Tom DeLay's purse is now going to someone like me, a criminal defense lawyer.

I just hope when his outstanding lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, finds a "technicality" to throw out the case, that DeLay says, "no thank you, I don't believe in criminal defendants being able to get off on technicalities."

Ha Ha Ha.

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  1. I agree that the criminal justice system is stacked against the poor and minorities. But did the system improve when Democrats were in power? Hardly.

    When liberals figure out that the only way they can get elected is to soften on the social and moral issues that concern conservative Christian, then maybe things can change. I'm against abortion and gay rights and I'm against the erosion of my religious freedoms and my freedom of speech. But I'm mostly in favor of Democratic stances on issues of poverty and medical care, equal opportunity, etc. The trouble is the morality of the Democratic Party is in shambles when it comes to traditional Christian morality and family values.