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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Free O.J, The Murderous Ignorant Arrogant Victim Of Himself

Two questions every criminal defense lawyer is asked:

1. What do you do when someone tells you they're guilty? (Answer: They don't, we just know.)

2. Do you think OJ "did it?" (Answer: Is that a serious question? Of course he "did it.")

But this case, his new "Vegas" case bothers me and I think he shouldn't have been arrested. (Call me a liberal, pinko, commie, criminal coddling scumbag, but please, read on.)

Picture this, Vegas hotel security enters a hotel room and sees a bunch of big guys, sports memorabilia, guns, and a video camera. What's the next step? I suggest it's to start pouring drinks, or, if they are concerned that there is something more serious going on, politely ask everyone to adjourn to the casino.

Now put O.J in the room. Arrest, trial, conviction, prison.


This wasn't "armed robbery" or "kidnapping." This was "give me my sh*t back, mutha f*****ker." Appropriate penalty, possibly a tossing out of the hotel and a "stay away" order.

Not for O.J. He brutally killed two people, and wasn't smart enough to go to the top of a mountain and not come down.

This IS his payback. To believe anything else is truly "ignorant."

But still, I say Free O.J.

And I want my t-shirt.

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  1. Anonymous7:54 PM

    And why wasn't this armed robbery? If this was a street thug entering a hotel room with a gun robbing people, they would be arrested too. OJ is just to stupid for his own good. He should have taken the deal

  2. Anonymous10:24 AM

    You should have to be OJ's roomie, handcuffed to OJ for the rest of your life, or his as the case may be.

    Armed robbery is, of course, armed robbery.

    I guess OJ ain't covered in Teflon.