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Monday, December 15, 2008

We, The "Recession Proof" Criminal Defense Lawyers

I've lost track of how many times someone has said lately: "your practice is recession proof? Right?"

The logic is this: no matter how broke people are, when they get arrested or are under investigation, they will pay for a good criminal lawyer.


To understand the logic, one must think logically.

Criminal defense lawyers are not a necessity in a bad, wait, terrible economy.

We are a luxury.

Normally, when someone is arrested, they either cough up whatever they have, put it on a credit card, use a home equity loan, other type of loan, borrow money from family or friends or their boss, or find another way to make it happen.

Now, loans are not forthcoming, credit cards are maxed, home equity lines are frozen, parents are holding on to their cash, and in sum, everyone's broke, or is acting like they are broke.

People are trying to come up with money for other necessities, like rent, mortgage payments, car payments. Money for freedom is not available as much.

So what happens? The upwardly mobile professional, maxed out on credit, living a life they cannot afford, gets popped for DUI on the way home. The good DUI lawyers, $5,000-$10,000. The hacks, $1,500, and the real estate lawyers parading as criminal lawyers, $750.

Whatcha got?

So stop asking. The answer is no, we're not recession proof. People make dumb decisions when they have money, and dumber decisions when they don't.

One thing that will never change?

There's always money for bond.

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