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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Speak Up On My Poll Harris County Prosecutors! (Anonymously Of Course)

While we here in Florida, specifically Jacksonville, have our own comical display of leadership with a new State Attorney and Public Defender, seems the inability to lead like a....leader, has spread to Harris County (Houston) Texas.

Newly elected former judge Pat Lykos appears to have read a spinoff of "How To Make Friends And Influence People," entitled "I Don't Care About Making Friends, Just Screwing With People."

She's an interesting lady. She's forced an expert witness to remove his yarmulke been referred to by Harris County family lawyers as a "crazy bitch," began her term by firing 7 prosecutors and 3 investigators including one who publically blogged about her on many occasions including this one about her telling secretaries 3 days before Christmas they were gone come January 1.

Now she's summoned her minions to her swearing in on NEW YEAR'S DAY, a federal holiday that most of spend with family, nursing hangovers, watching parades, and not kissing the ass of our boss.

No RSVP needed to the Lykos coronation, it's mandatory. That's right, cancel all inbound plane tickets for January 2, 3, 4 you plebes.

See, when a new DA is elected, they and their assistants has to be sworn in, otherwise we defense attorneys will claim that all prosecutions going forward are null and void. In Miami this swearing in usually occurs on the day the elected state attorney takes office, at about 8:30 a.m., before court begins. No real inconvenience.

But Pat Lykos is different, she believes that there is nothing her assistants and their families would rather do than listen to her give a speech about whatever she wishes to discuss. Oh, and there's a reception to boot. Why party at your house, in your backyard, with your family and friends when you can go to work?

So I asked the Texas Tornado, Mark Bennett, whether the prosecutors would take a stand and not show up, or be sheep. he posted that question. Not a big response. I foresee a bunch of long faces and shrugged shoulders showing up on New Year's Day, and for that, I am dissapointed.

So to protect the anonymity of those prosecutors who will speak out for justice in court, but not on the internet, I've created a poll - it's right there on the top right. Have at it.

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    What happens if the personnel do not show up?