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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Governor Blagojevich Has A Website

Yesterday we all learned a new word: "Blagojevich"

Pronounced "What a dumb ass."

To be redundant, he's the Governor of Illinois, one of the 4 of the last 8 to be indicted. He embraces tradition like he probably embraces the phrase "don't worry how to pronounce Blagojevich, just call me "Rod."

Anyone looked at his website?

The last news release?

12/04/08 - Honoring Illinois' Fallen


He's accused many interesting money-making ventures, the most famous being his attempt to "sell President-elect Barack Obama's U.S. Senate seat.

He's also accused of holding back $8 million in funding for the local children's hospital pending a $50,000 personal contribution for himself, but more than makes up for it with this initiative:

Governor launches annual Keep Kids Warm and Safe Campaign
The annual Keep Kids Warm and Safe Campaign is underway. The campaign is an annual effort by the State of Illinois to collect warm winter items, car seats, and food for Illinois families in need. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of items have been collected. This year's drive hopes to set a new standard.

Ahhh, setting a "new standard."

By the way, his top priority:

Gov. Blagojevich's top priority is ensuring access to quality health care for everyone in Illinois.

That Governor Rod, keeping his promise.

Then there's this just last week:

12/03/08 - Governor Blagojevich Deploys Rapid Response Team to Aid Affected U.S. Steel Workers

Must have known he'd be needing a door made of steel real soon.

Here's the best:

Prior to his election, Gov. Blagojevich was a Cook County Assistant State's Attorney. During his tenure, he prosecuted domestic abuse cases and felony weapons charges, which made him a strong advocate for tougher sentencing laws when he was elected to the General Assembly in 1992.

We need strong advocates.

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  1. Anonymous10:59 PM


    If the Governor of Illinois is found guilty or pleads guilty then I agree, "Blagojevich" is pronounced "dumb ass." However, no matter how bad it looks from the start... or the newspapers... I still believe in innocent until proven guilty. After all it is better 10 guilty men go free than 1 innocent man go to prison.

  2. Jeff, of course he's innocent until proven guilty. He is though, a dumb ass for allowing himself to be recorded having these conversations, even if he is acquitted.

  3. Anonymous7:08 AM

    If I were Blago, I would watch my back. He know's too much and what he knows could hurt the dems and the Big "O".