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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Arizona Association Of Criminal Defense Lawyers Is Here For You, Somewhere

After learning about the rally next Monday in Maricopa County, I began discussing the situation with a lawyer over there.

I had a basic question - what is the collective criminal defense bar doing?

I heard crickets.

Then: "I think there's been a couple comments in the paper."

I was also told I "didn't understand" the environment there, that lawyers were scared.

That's scary on various levels.

So I took a gander.

I checked out the Arizona Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, (called Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice.

There it was! A link - "What has AACJ done for me lately?" Here, is where I was going to read what the association was doing about events in Maricopa County.

Except it was written by the president 12 months ago.

OK, well, Sheriff Joe was up to his antics 12 months ago - let's see what it says:

"The concerning part is that AACJ is as needed as ever: the county attorneys grandstand, the legislature panders, and the courts cower. Indeed, the same people who ask why we are relevant in almost the same breath recognize we are needed. So, what are we going to do?"

Yes, since that exact situation is going on now - what are you going to do?

Here's the call to action:

In the next year (editors note: meaning right now) this question should be both our focus and goal.

So, let's begin to tell people what we have done for them lately and what we are going to be doing in the future.

There being no update on the website on this mission for this year, I went to the next best section - "News."

No question what's going on now in Maricopa County is news.

Here's the latest news on the website:

Apr 21, 2009
U.S. Supreme Court Limits Vehicle Searches Incident to Arrest

So OK, maybe they're not on top of it when it comes to the web, but how are their members receiving information from an association that wants to "begin to tell people what we have done for them lately and what we are going to do in the future?"

I extend an invitation to the AACJ to provide me any information on their participation in recent events in Maricopa County and I will post it here. I'll also encourage my fellow blawgers to do the same.

Where are you AACJ? What are you doing?

Tell us.

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  1. Maybe somebody will begin to get the point that the battle isn't fought in blawgs but in the streets of Maricopa County? No matter how wonderful and marvelous blawgers think they are, it's ultimately up to the locals to stand up or give up.

  2. Of course it has to be fought in Maricopa. We can't solve this. But however dim our light (and mine's a lot dimmer than either Brian's or yours, Scott), we'll keep shining. We may be as tiny as the little folk in Whoville, but we can keep trying to be heard.

    Brian's called out the Arizona Criminal Defense Bar. I, and a couple of others, have put out word to NACDL, which has, institutionally, been as silent as its Arizona affiliate.

    Tilting at windmills is part of why I got into this business.

  3. As I've said before, the lawyers I work with are doing everything they can. If the judiciary is unwilling to rule decisively, defense counsel can do nothing.

    However, I renew my standing offer of the use of my guest house and airline miles for any out-of-state gunslingers who would like to come down and show everyone how it is done.

  4. "What it means,"

    I'm a bit confused - "as I've said before?"

    Said where, here? I don't think so. And who are you, someone in Arizona who's too fearful to leave your real name? What does that say?

    And if the "lawyers you work with (unnamed) are doing everything they can, what exactly are they doing? Or is that a super duper secret?

    Nevermind, you're anonymous, it really doesn't matter your response.