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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Constitution Makes An Appearance In Federal Court

There is too rarely a case in the criminal justice system that causes the collective public to react in amazement at what really goes on in the "no cameras in the courtroom" federal courts of America. I have always said that the reason cameras are prohibited in federal courts is because the government does not want people to see "what really goes on."

This order, my bedtime story last night, will have three reactions. The public will read in amazement that this conduct occurred, defense lawyers will cheer the judge for bringing to light a tactic as common as the sunrise, and prosecutors will call it an "isolated indident."

As usual, Scott Greenfield woke up earlier than me today and said it best.

Read the order. Make copies for your friends. If you haven't send holiday cards, send this instead. And read Scott's post.

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  1. EdinMiami10:06 PM

    That was uplifting. However, I can't help but notice there is still no accountability so yea how does that change anything?