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Monday, December 21, 2009

Going The Maricopa County Lawyers Rally Today?

Certain events cause a groundswell, or as we call them in internet language "go viral."

That lawyers in Maricopa County, Arizona, have had enough and will meet at the courthouse today to show their solidarity, is unfortunately not one of those events.

I wonder why.

Googling this event brings up a few blog posts, and a brief clip from the Phoenix New Times.

I checked the website again for the Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice, but their event calendar doesn't mention it.

This is a bad time to expect a big crowd at any event, other than a holiday party or deep discount flat screen TV sale, but I do hope that the lawyers of Maricopa County, civil, and criminal, take their lunch hour and drop by the rally.

Having a large number of lawyers attend this event will make a big statement.

Having a small number of lawyers attend makes a bigger statement.

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  1. An interesting side note. Robert McWhirter, the President of AACJ, is a public defender in Maricopa County, and he was one of the speakers at the rally - the one who said, "On behalf of the criminal defense lawyers, all I can say is, "'It's about time.'"

    And still AACJ has nothing on their website.